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I am a non traditional student, returning to get my nursing degree. My questions is would I be allowed to take the nursing program if I am a Hep B carrier. I found I am a carrier (no symptoms) since the birth of my daughter 22 yrs. ago. I am healthy and is hardly sick even with a flu. I work in healthcare field as med aide, and had no issues with it. But now, I question whether I can get into the nursing program knowing I am a carrier. Also, would I be discriminated upon when it's time to find employment? I don't want to spend the time and the money to get into the program if I'm unable to get employment in this field. Any help out there is very much appreciated.

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Hep B only comes into the employment equation if your employer requires titers... this can happen when you refuse the Hep B vaccine. Since healthcare organizations don't routinely disqualify employees who are HIV+, I doubt whether your status will be a huge hindrance. All patient care providers are expected to use universal precautions to protect patients and themselves from exposures and disease transmission.

Thanks for your comment HouTx, I'm heading out to see my nursing adviser now and I can confidently say I'm in for the program, no holding back. Excited to see this side of a new career. This has been my dream career but had gotten into accounting instead due to the reason posted above but is now able to pursue it without hesitation, thanks for the support!

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