Hemo vs CCU

Specialties Urology


Hello All,

Hemo vs CCU

I am 52 year old male

Re-entry to RN - with past CCU, CVU and cath lab experince

I am taking a RN re-fresher and will hopefully have my ACLS - before looking for work.

Hemo vv CCU - your thoughts?

Thank you


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Is that a part of your resume or something?

I really didn't understand anything. It may make sense if you can make complete sentences. Good luck.

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Hi Carl - do you have offers from both hemo (I'm assuming chronic outpt?) and CCU?

For re-entry RN (depending on how long you've been out of practice) I would go for CCU. It will give you far more varied experience then HD (hemodialysis). HD is a very very specialized field.

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