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So I recently got accepted to Resurrection University in Chicago for the BSN program. However, I really messed up the past year, smoking marijuana for just about every single day. However, I went to a private testing center to verify I am clean before submitting my test for nursing school. The test came up as positive for marijuana use, but I won't be taking the next one for ResU until November. I know I will be clean by then, but my question is:

can ResU view my medical record and find out about my marijuana positive results done at the private testing center? Or do they not have access to this?

Please help me someone. I don't need any responses telling me how shameful it is that as a future nursing student i've indulged in marijuana use, because I already know that. We all make mistakes and its something i'd never do again. Looking fwd to responses.

I don't know why the university would have access to your medical records, unless you've signed a release allowing them access. They'll have access to the test they require because you'll sign a release allowing that, but not to past ones. I don't know anything about this, but I really can't imagine that they'll be able to see the past test. Good luck.

The answer is no.

The weed is making you paranoid as hell.

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