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When I started my job the morale was pretty good. Every place has its own set of problems and mine is no exception, but for the most part people seemed to enjoy working, lots of team player attitude, so on and so forth...Lately, the morale has taken a nosedive. Our volume is WAY up, every shift we're averaging 6-7 ESI 2/3 patients apiece. Last night I was holding an unstable 1:1 ICU pt and had 3 other patients who ended up staying 3 hours over their discharge time because I couldn't get to them. The hospital has been full and as a result we've been holding patients in the ER for 12-40 hours at a time, averaging about 5-7 holds a night. There is no money to hire more staff. Everyone is miserable, and we have 3 staff jumping ship right now. There's a limited amount we can change the situation, so how can we improve the morale?

Beer and tequila, after work.

Banana bag before work.

Ibuprofen and lots of laughing during work.

Beer and tequila, after work.

Banana bag before work.

Ibuprofen and lots of laughing during work.

I worked in a MICU for 4 years and transferred to an ED. Wow!!! It is like starting over. The difference is night and day. I have completed 6 weeks of orientation and feel like I have had my head around it now for about the last 2 weeks. I am able to keep up, but I am busy all night long. I was told this transition is difficult for ICU RNs. I guess it is just a big change.

My preceptor made a huge deal that after 4 weeks I wasn't ready to be on my own. Made me feel fairly discouraged. I was paired with 3 other rns and they all said I did well and told her the same.

I have not received 1 positive word, not 1 compliment nor any words of encouragement. If she is not giving me constructive criticism, which is important and very much needed to grow, she has nothing to say to me.

She did tell me she feels ICU RNs think ER RNs are "stupid and lazy". I personally have never heard that in the MICU. Evidently some ICU RN hurt her some how.

I am getting it and I like it. I am learning a ton. The pts like me. All the work is accomplished. I think last night I made 1 mistake. I had just DC 2 pts and had 3 brought back to me in about 10 min time. This particular pt came in by EMS and I did not record the 2nd triage. My preceptor caught it and reminded me to do it. She asked me several times over the night if I needed anything, other than that she spoke to me only if I spoke to her. I am always nice, positive and polite. I appreciate any guidance or council she gives me. She is never nasty and is a highly skilled ER nurse. She has done this for 15 years and it is the only type of nursing she has ever done. A positive word or some encouragement would go be appreciated, but i do not think it will happen. Any advice?

Thank you in advance. Any council would be appreciated,

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My ED goes out to bars once every two months. Last month it was karaoke and tons of ridiculous absurd drinking.

Then August 17th, about 10 of us are going out for very "sophisticated" wine tasting. Oddly, none of us are particularly sophisticated.... and we're hitting a bar up prior to the wine tasting.

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we do trauma rounds we go to our local restaurant/bar and drink to just to laugh and relax...

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