Helpful items or gadgets for travel nurses


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I am new to this site, and I am sure somewhere a thread like this exists. I thought it would be fun to see what things travel nurses have found that are just plain awesome and easy to pack around place to place, be it by car or plane, with hotel living, and apartment living. I personally geek out on kitchen stuff. What's your travel treasure? I will share a couple of mine. The first thing which I am sure many of you are aware of are Ziploc steamer bags. I love my veggie steamer back home but I have found these are an awesome substitute! They are cheap, and do a great job with a variety of things including fish! While the microwave does zap nutrients, this is a great travel nurse accessory!

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Another thing I have that I can't live without is called an aeropress. I feel it's a coffee lovers dream. If you are sick of hotel coffee pots or packing around one, or worse paying for Starbucks because it's just convenient I suggest you look into one of these. I got mine on Amazon for $25 and its been worth every penny!

What have you found? Please provide a link if possible. I'm hopeful everyone has something that will be of value to us other travelers!


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I bought two of these chairs from rei for my boyfriend and I and we LOVE them!!! They are super small and super light weight, easy to pack up. They work great for camping or just as patio chairs and hardly take up any space. Worth every penny!!!! REI Flex Lite Chair - Free Shipping at

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I second the Aeropress! I'm a coffee snob of the highest order. At home I roast my own beans, and only brew in a french press. I didn't want to drag all of my coffee paraphernalia across the country, so I took the Aeropress (based on great Amazon reviews) and bought my coffee from a local roaster once I got to Arizona. For making coffee for one, it's amazing!