Helpful books/resources for new students?


A community college near me offers a short "preparation" course prior to starting their nursing program. I looked up the required text and supplies on the college's bookstore for the class and among them were these:



I was just wondering if anyone has used these books before. Do they seem relevant/helpful in helping you understand the format of nursing school exams and developing your critical thinking skills? I considered purchasing one or both of these.

I see all kinds of ads for $100-$500 courses on the internet to teach you the "right methods" of studying for nursing school. There are so many people who try to sell you the "best" or the "right" way to study but I can't find many who will just tell you their personal preference/what helped them. I know there is much more to it than general study or test-taking tips, and I'm just a little confused.

Any input is appreciated! :)


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I'm curious as well :) Also wondering if it is advisable to purchase an NCLEX book before nursing school starts?


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From what I've heard from other students and seen here on AN, I think it would be a good idea to go ahead and buy an NCLEX book! Saunder's comp. review is one of the recommended texts in the syllabus for the first Fundamentals class at the beginning of the program I'm applying to.


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I've got an NCLEX review book on my Amazon wish list and will be buying that soon. I read on here where one person said he read only the review book and got better scores on his tests than his cohorts who read their textbooks!


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You look like you are on track. The study skills, time management, and test taking skills for nurses will prove to be invaluable. Also, I would learn some type of fast reading technique: speed reading or master reading.

I took the study skills class for nurses, and it did help me out a lot.


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@Lori, I think I will buy an older edition, cheaper review book to mess around with until I find out which one I will need when I start my program! Can't hurt, anyway - to at least practice with the format and get a sneak peek of the content as well.

@swanson, I'm buying both of the books I listed above soon as well and I'll update on this thread with what I think about them! Although I can't truthfully judge how useful they will prove to be until I actually begin the program, I'm tooooooo anxious and excited to get as prepared as I can. And I love buying books :geek:


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I would consider checking them out from your local school or public library. The time management, nursing test taking skills, study skills, and the "master reading" or "speed reading" is time well vested. A big puzzle in the beginning is how to answer the test questions when all answers are right, and how to get the most out of your study when time is short.


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The questions are similar to National Registry style of questioning for paramedics. I found getting older style review books were very helpful in studying for the final test. Read any rationales of questions you get wrong.


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Thanks everyone! I figure it's never too early to start getting as ready as you can.