Hi guys,

I got a call yesterday, though I wasn't home. She left a message, telling me to call her back on Thursday (tomorrow) to schedule an interview. I was just wondering what are some tips that you guys have for interviews? I've been a graduate since '09, but just recently licensed last year. I AM SO NERVOUS! I would love to ace this interview so that I can start on with my career... What are your advice? The hospital is Del Amo Hospital which is a Behavioral Hospital.. Please help!! I'm so nervous!


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HI Jenmesh,

I am thinking about applying to Del Amo Behavioral Hospital. What is it like working there? Do you enjoy it? Thanks!

Hi Jenmesh.. Well if you took that job, you probably have realized by now it's not the best place to work. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner.

For Others:

Del Amo Hospital is better suited for a new grad that's planning on staying no more than a year. What I mean by this: A year of experience so you can move on somewhere else. Del Amo Hospital is not a good place to learn quality psychiatric nursing. You're duties.. really will be regulated to answering the phones and doing ward clerk paperwork. So get your year, then split.

This hospital is not good for seasoned professionals. Due to lack of good nursing leadership, you'll notice that lack of nursing in general. Because you've been around the block and try to do what's approriate, you'll come under fire, because now your standing out (doesn't make sense).

Second reason why this place is not good for a veteran nurse, Del Amo Hospital promotes nursing care be directed by Social Workers. Before you know it, a social worker will be telling you how to do your nursing job. Threatening your job security by writing you up, if you don't do it the social worker way. It's not worth jeopardizing you hard earned nursing license.

Third reason, this place pays 5-6 dollars less than other hospitals nearby.

Good for new grads that need 1 year of experience(that plans to move on).

Bad for veteran nurses looking for job satisfaction. This is a malignant environment where nurse hunts are regular. It's not worth the pay and it's not worth the unecessary extra stress, on top of what nursing already has. This has been the climate for years getting a little worse each year. You can confirm this by contacting current employees.

Good luck in your decision, I hope this helped.

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