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I am looking for help in writing a professional letter to my local Nursing School Board. I would like the Dean to re-evaluate my position and allow me to re-enter the Nursing program next fall (9/01). The Nursing program has a rule that states you are only allowed 2 times to enter their nursing program. In my case I feel that I have speical circumstances; In 1992 I was in the program, in the middle of the first quarter my home and everything in it,burnt to the ground. I stayed with family part of the time, and friends as well, we ( my husband and children) didn't really have a place to live until the end of the quarter. It was very hard for me to concentrate so I failed. The following year I came back and did well in the first quarter and at the begining of the 3rd quarter I missed remaining in the program, by 0.7% I had 79.3% while I need 80% to remain in the program. It has been over 5 years, since I was enrolled in the program, and I have gotten my AA degree, completed a year long Healthcare Assistant program with a 3.95 GPA I continued to work full time in the local hospital (CCU) while doing all of this. So I feel that I have proven that I am able to handle the stress that a nursing program can give you. What I need is for someone to help me with ideas or writing a letter that can convince the Dean to allow me to re-enter the nursing program again. If anyone has any ideas or can help please let me know.

I'll try to help as much as I can. This may not be what you want to hear. Almost all of the nursing programs I know of will not allow you to reenter if you fail two times. What most people did in that case in my area was try another school. A nursing education is a nursing education if you ask me. If that is not possible in your area then maybe if you include all documentation of wat you have accomplished since that time and also some letters of recommendation from coworkers in the hospital it would help. Sorry I don't have any great or new ideas. Also, don't give up. Where one door closes another one opens.

I would just meet with the dean personally and explain the circumstances. Also point out what you have accomplished. They have to try to be understanding and realize that life happens. If they are unable to do this then I would consider a different school if at all possible. FLEXIBILITY is what nursing is about.

Good Luck with your meeting.

I agree with allevi. If your heart is set on attending this particular program, it sounds like your only chance may be to arrange to speak with the dean directly. Outline all of the extreme hardships that you endured that led to the 2 situations. If all else fails, perhaps a different school of nursing would be appropriate, and would even give you a fresh start. Good luck and let us know how it goes!



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