HELP! Where Should I Take My NCLEX?

by CaliRN13 CaliRN13, BSN Member

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Hello! I have recently graduated from an Accelerated BSN program here in Chicago, but my plans are to immediately move to California.

In your opinion, would it be smarter to take the NCLEX here in Illinois and then apply for a temporary license in California while awaiting reciprocity?

OR should I simply take the NCLEX in California and just play the waiting game for all of my paper work to go through?

I plan on eventually having dual licensure (CA and IL) as my fiance is in the Marine Corps and I plan on moving back to IL when he deploys in a year or two. He is a career Marine so I am expecting to have to apply for reciprocity a few more times as he will be moving around the US.

Mainly, I am concerned about how fast I can get things rolling - whichever option gets me working fastest is the best option! I have tried doing research on this but I haven't come accross anything specific that I can relate to my situation. Any guidance or help is very much appreciated!

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If you plan on moving back to IL at some stage I would suggest less time consuming applying to state you are training in and then endorse license afterwards