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Hi everyone,

I am trying to decide between the different nursing schools I have applied to: North Georgia College and State University (RN program), Georgia Perimeter (RN program), Athens Tech (RN program), Kennesaw State (accelerated BNS) and Georgia State (accelerated BNS). Does anyone have an opinion?

Do you know how these schools are viewed in the workplace?

Thanks a lot!


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I may be biased.... BUT I just graduated from Kennesaw State and think it was a great program. It prepares you well for working and the faculty and chair of the department will bend over backwards for students if necessary (I speak from experience). Now that I have graduated and have been talking to other nurses and managers of units, I'm finding the program is held in very high esteem out in the field as well.

Good luck with your search!

Alyssa, RN


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hey Nodric,

I don't live in the ATL now but i use to for several years. I have friends that have attended some of the schools you mentioned. I think it really depends on what school you get accepted to first and how the school best first your needs.Do you have to commute, will u live on campus etc. I have been to Kennesaw and it is a wonderful program and if i had to choose I would choose between Kennesaw or GPC. In the end though it all comes down to passing the boards. I am not sure where to find it but there is a site that lists the pass rates for the different colleges.

Good Luck


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I'm in my second semester at North Georgia College and really, really love it! The instructors are so caring and go to great lengths to help you succeed. Last year, over 700 people applied to our program and only 106 were accepted!! I actually transferred from GPC and suggest that you look at the Georgia Forum and read recent posts about their program. I have heard great things about Kennesaw and I hear Athens Tech is really up and coming. Finding the right nursing school for you is absolutely key to success. I would suggest visiting the schools that you are most interested in and actually speaking to current nursing students - I found that most were really honest and helpful. The site that the above poster was referring to is the Georgia Board of Nursing website, but I recently checked it and for some reasons the scores have been removed. They haven't posted anything more recent than 2002 anyway. Good luck with your decision!!

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