Help! Want to become an RN with BS in Finance.

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Hi! I am 29 y/o with no kids living in the Los Angeles/Orange County.

I am one class shy from getting a Bachelor Degree in Business Finance but have concluded that I would be more passionate about pursuing nursing over business as a lifelong career.

Anyhow, given my current educational level and location, can someone please give me some insight on how to work towards becoming an RN and the recommended schools to go to. Time span? Costs? As much info as possible is appreciated.

Thank you.

If you get your BSN in Finance, you can already apply to an RN masters program. At CSULA, you can apply to their masters program if you have a bsn in any other field, of course you still need to take the required science classes like Bio, Chem, micro before applying. I think most masters programs are about 2 years. if you dont wanna go the masters route, i think you can apply to a bsn program, which is usually about 3 years, but since you already have a bsn in another field, you may be able to find a bsn program that only takes 2 years? im not sure on that one, but i do know you can apply to a master's program for nursing in most schools if you have a bsn in another field. hope that helps

Thank you for replying, Ricdel. I will look further into that.

I hear that there are waiting lists to a lot of schools. Do you know anything more about that or which specific ones?

some schools do have waiting lists, and some don't. I only applied to a bunch of Community college ADN programs, and they didnt have a waitlist. Only CSU BSN program i applied to was CSULA, and they didn't have a waitlist.

Got it! Thank you.

There's also the private school routes. Some of them offer the accelerated programs if you already have a Bachelors in another field. Private schools generally do not have waiting lists; however, they are pricey.

Good luck!

With a bachelors degree in any field other than nursing, you can apply to ABSN or entry level MSN programs. Check the programs at the following schools:



CSU Fullerton




Loma Linda

Mount St. Mary's

National University

Western University

Concordia University in Irvine

You'll have to take pre-reqs before you can apply to some of these programs. They differ from school to school so you'll have to do your homework and find out what is required. You can take pre-reqs at a community college as long as they transfer in equivalency (UCLA's MECN website has a list of equivalent courses for schools all over California for their program. Other schools might have info to help you figure it out too. You can also use assist(dot)org).

Depending how many pre-reqs you need, it can take you 1-2 years to complete the pre-reqs. The program itself might then be anywhere from 1-2 years, depending if it's an ABSN or MSN. Cost varies and is higher at private schools.

Wow! I appreciate all the info. So much I need to look into...

What is the difference between a BSN, ABSN and MSN (from my position)?

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