Help w/ Career/Education Path after ASN


So, I am a prenursing student and will find out in October in I get into the program. I have an associates degree and BSN in Psych. Once I complete RN Program I really want to move on to my Master's in Pediatric Neurology and as far as career, I would like to work in a research hospital, somewhere on the southern east coast. I would like to be part of clinical studies and research involving pediatric epilepsy. Any advice on career/education path after ASN?


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You may want to go to the "Specialty" tab as well and inquire in there. Plenty of experts that roam those forums.


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There are so many different, varied career paths and possibiltiies within nursing. and it's v. common for people to start nursing school, or start their careers, with the idea that they're quite sure in what area they want to specialize, but as time goes on and they gain more experience, they find that they're more interested in something else entirely. I would encourage you to spend some time after you finish nursing school getting some basic, solid clinical experience in nursing and getting a better understanding of the wide range of possibilities, professional and educational, available to you before making any decisions or commitments regarding a specific career path.

Best wishes for your journey! :balloons: