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Help with VA application questions


Has 2 years experience.

Hi, I am trying to apply to a few LPN/LVN positions with the VA but the application and its questions are somewhat strange and I can't figure out how to answer them.

On Form 10-2850c Questions 16(a-c) ask:

(a) Name the certifying body for your health occupation:

Would that be my board of nursing?

(b) Date of most recent registration/certification:

There's already a section on licenses and license numbers in question 14 that so I'm not sure what this is asking for?

© What is your registry/certification number?

Again, there's already a section on licenses and license numbers so I don't know what number this is asking for.

Question 17(a-c) on same form ask:

(a) Do you currently have or have you ever had clinical privileges at any health care institution, agency, or organization?

Is that asking if I have ever worked as a nurse?

(b) Name of current or most recent institution, agency, or organization where held?

My employer I'm guessing?

© Have any of your staff appointments or clinical privileges ever been denied, revoked, suspended, reduced, limited or voluntarily relinquished?

Is this asking if my license has ever had discipline?

Also, if you submit the same form twice (resume, OF-306, etc.) how do you delete the old one? Or do they simply just take the most recent upload?

Any answers would be highly appreciated!

HR would be your best bet to ask to help with these questions. Any errors can risk your application not being considered. They usually list a contact person on the job posting