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Help with Understanding a Prompt for a Personal Statement

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I've been submitting applications for nursing schools for a while now (many of them are ABSN programs), and for the most part I had no trouble writing personal statements. However, I was wondering if I could get some clarification from anyone here regarding a prompt? I haven't been successful in having good communication with the school regarding this, so I thought I might try here.

One part of prompt asks to "Include your philosophy on adult learning and how that will affect your learning style and experiences". After consulting multiple people around me, I've been receiving mixed responses and confusion regarding what adult learning entails in this case. Is it that they are trying to say how would we attempt to tackle their ABSN program and what learning styles we would use to be successful in completing the program? I just wanted to make sure I hit the point since the statements are only 250-650 words and have other questions that need to be covered as well. I just want to make sure I will be able to address this appropriately and in a concise manner.


Thank you! 🙂 


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