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Help with Travel?

by spoc13 spoc13 (New) New

I am about halfway through my first 13 week contract. I love my recruiter and the larger company I am with, since I can seem to find a job in whichever city I want to go to. I do not, however, like how it seems that because this was my first assignment that I am being completely screwed over as much as they possibly can. I am in a Boston area hospital, and my pay is so little its making me question why I even started this traveling adventure in my life, as I can barely even get by paying off the bills I had prior to this, since I am now bringing in almost 3/4 less then what I was making. I have 6 years experience as an RN, including charge nurse and cath lab experience. The hospital I am at loves me, and flat out admits to me that I am not receiving enough of what they are paying my company for me. There are several other travelers her, all from the same company (but a different one from me) and all make more than me as well. Are there any companies that I should apply to in addition to the one I am with? Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Why not start with the agencies of your fellow travelers? Call lots of agencies and pick the five best. That will give you a wide choice of assignments no matter what their size.

I can appreciate your love of traveling, but it is difficult for me to believe that you would start traveling with an assignment that makes only 25% of your pay at staff. Frankly, I'm not even sure that is possible. Just as you seem to be understating you pay, remember that many travelers overstate their pay.

I agree with NedRN you should be going with their suggestion hopefully you will get to have a way out for your traveling.

Where us travelers make our money is in the tax free stipends, not the hourly wage. I've not worked for what my hourly wage is with my travel company in 15 years or more. But where I am making money is the over $4k in tax free stipends every month. I call it "free money" because I pay no tax on it. You didnt mention if you were getting untaxed stipends?