Help in transferring college.


hello! i'm a first year rpn student in centennial college and i want to go to seneca. my reasons are:

1. when i was in grade 12 and went to centennial college open house, i realized that the college itself is really cool and modern or "high-tech" than the other colleges like george brown or seneca. so i chose to go there.

the problem is: my mom changed her workplace so we have to move in bayview area. centennial is very far for me now. and i can imagine how annoying it is to travel in my next winter semester.

2. i'm failing anatomy and physiology.

here are my questions:

- do i need to do ocas to transfer in seneca?

- did you try transferring to other college/s too? how was it? how many months did you wait? did you need to give them your transcript? do you have any suggestions or steps for me? do you get refunded? did you sell your books? are books in other colleges the same?


please don't lecture me about how to do well in my anatomy and physiology, i just need some suggestions and help how to get away from centennial college this winter. i just moved in bayview area this weekend and going to centennial using ttc is 1.5 hour for me. in high-way it's only 10-15 minutes because there's no traffic signs and it rarely stops unlike city roads. no, i can't drive yet, i will be using ttc, my mom can't drive me because of her work schedule. i'm full-time student and i really, really feel like going to seneca. seneca is only 30 minutes using ttc.


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I'm sorry for your situation, but I think you should talk to a counselor at Seneca about how transferring your classes would work.

But if I may add, if you are failing your classes- Ant. & Phys. are extremely important to getting into nursing school- why not just receive a 'W' and start again at Seneca? It looks so much better if you received a 'W' instead of an F. An F would damage your GPA and with nursing school being so competitive now it would look really bad if you fail those 2 main components of science classes.

If you can still drop your classes do it before its too late. Remember there are many reasons why people drop their classes, but an F only says one thing in the looks of a nurse recruiter.