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im yr 2 gnbscn student at AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY SON

im having difficulty b/c of my presentation on cerebral palsy can u plz help me :confused:

What type of paper? What aspect of C.P.? is a pretty broad topic.

Try running a search on

You could try looking on Diane Wink's Chilc Healh Nursing web site

You can try contacting the March of DImes website. I recently had to give a 30 minute presentation on cerebral palsy in my nursing class. There is alot of information out there.

There is so much information on cerebral palsy on the internet. Just put the word into the search engine and many websites, articles, etc will be available for you to explore. I am doing some research for a formal paper due in one of my nursing classes. The research is related to cytomeglavirus and cerebral palsy, which is usually found in children because of the virus and the damage it caused to the brain. Cerebral palsy is a broad topic that is researched extensively and much information can be found.

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The March of Dimes website would be a good starting place. Best of luck to you.

i dont now much about cerbral palsy but theres a book called Petty about it. it may or may not help you.

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