Greetings every one !!!!

I am am new to this forum and would like to introduce myself I am a community college student seeking an ADN but have not applied to the program ,YET, this is because I need some prerequisites in order to apply. I reside in the state of Texas.

The main reason I joined this beautiful community is because I've been looking around some topics and I really liked that all the other people in here (NURSES AND NOT NURSES YET) support each other tremendously. And also because I need great guidance from someone or some other people that is already in the program or has graduated and obtained their license.

Well I would like to begin easy (I guess) by asking how many of you obtained experience before graduation day and how did it helped? Here in Texas there are few employers that accept RN with just an ADN while other have the new grad programs or the BSN but all of them require at least 18 months of experience. I just need to know how can I get experience in the field without being a nurse yet . I know volunteering helps but since I do not count with any nurse coursework I do not know if I can volunteer shadowing someone at a hospital or something like that. Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to AN! Volunteer opportunities will probably be very dependent on the facility program. However, there are some options for paid experiences: patient care assistant, nursing assistant, unit clerk, and some other positions that don't require a nursing license. You cannot apply for any position for a nurse without either a license or a temporary practice permit but positions that don't require a license are a possibility.


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Thank you so much I appreciate the help! I surely will be looking into these jobs. í ½í¸Œí ½í¸‰í ½í¸‰