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Am just about starting college next week, and i want to get into nursing however i dont knwo where o start since i dont have an advisor, what are the pre requisites that i should i take, where should i begin am currently enrolled to take english and cis, should i add another class....am attending mec

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Hello and welcome to the site.

i moved your thread to the Pre-Nursing forum where you should get some helpful responses. You might want to read through some other threads in this forum for helpful tips.

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Good day, Biankar:

The prerequisites are specific to a school / nursing program; so you do want to find someone at the school you will be attending providing guidance in that area. Generally the core sciences are the same -- AP1, AP2, and Microbiology where AP1 and AP2 must be taken at the same school. From there it can vary greatly from school to school.

Thank you.

You should really speak to a NURSING adviser. Also most schools list the prerequisites somewhere on the website or the nursing catalog