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hi nurses,

i need some help or advice. i have an assignment due for uni... and i have no idea how to do it... need help and advice on what topic you would pick if it was you and any helpful databases or journal articles to support. i have to do it related to the ward i am on for prac.. i am on a neurosurg ward.

here is the assignment

1. nurse/ patient clinical issue

you are to develop a 10 minute teaching session for the professional development of your peers. your topic will be from one of the following areas:

professional communication, this may be between the nurse/patient/family, or it may be between your nursing colleagues


clinical practice and evidence based practice, knowledge versus reality of practice.

the student is advised to discuss his/her topic with their tutor prior to commencing research on their presentation. all presentations require supporting rationale and appropriate references, see marking guide. the student will submit: either a powerpoint presentation, poster or video

breaches of client confidentially will result in an immediate fail grade. curtin guidelines for written assignment apply. due date: week 8, 30th april.

mark: 40%

late assignment: penalty 10% of marks/day over due date.

thanks for your help.



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"clinical practice and evidence based practice, knowledge versus reality of practice."

while you are working over the next couple of shifts see if you can identify something that seems contrary to what you were taught at uni. as you are in a neuro ward assessment of gcs springs to mind

other topics could be

frequency of obs especially post op

or you could look at what the local guidelines for skin care are and see if they are in practice? for instance they may have second hrly turns and pressure relieving mattresses for pressure area prevention but they dont have the manpower or equpment to achieve

from memory jo briggs institute has reviews on all of these items that should help you to identify the research practice gap.

nb there is an evolving view that the evidence-practice gap is not about recalcitrant clinicians but about the realities of practice


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thanks chani that has helped

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This looks to be a very easy assignment. You can pick ANY topic that interests you from your ward, and check out the evidence-based research available. Then compare what the EB research says to do, with what actually happens. It may be the same, it may not be (Why? How can you make it happen?).

I don't think you're going to find anyone to give you a topic and then give you journal articles to support! That's your job - and the whole reason for the assignment is to research a real-world practice and find evidence to support/refute it. Be thankful you got a sensible topic and not some airy fairy theory paper!


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I am a wanderer from the USA (California) regional site; wanted to see issues confronting nurses from other countries. It appears that nursing school presentations are fairly consistent--I the same kind of requirement in all my med/surg classes. Having to research info and present to my peers put an end to my fear of talking in front of a group. Nice thing about nursing school, it is full of opportunities to observe and make a presentation. Best to everyone. :clown: