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Just a rant but I recently started a bridge LVN to ADN and started off so poorly!! It's only been 3 weeks and just had the first exam yesterday and got a 74%-passing is 75% no less!! To top it off today I was sent home from clinical because I've lost my I.D. Badge! My instructor said it was policy and I understand but damm what are the odds!! I have an appointment with the instructor next week to go over my exam result and missed clinical rotation. Our program allows no more than 16 hours of clinical missed and/or 6 hours of lecture. Instructor mentioned they will have to figure out what I have to do to make up the hours. I feel so dumb and discouraged already. I was on top of everything in my LVN program and had passed with straight A's. It was hard enough to get accepted and now I'm struggling already. It's advanced placement since I'm an LVN and only have 9 weeks left of this semester (3 out of 4) and had been studying like crazy and got a poor grade. Any tips to cope/survive/study? I took time off work for this program and feel like a dummy not being able to utilize my time efficiently and grasp important aspects of the material. I read all the chapters and study patho but when I took my exam there would be questions where I would second guess myself and I know to use ABCs and Maslows. 


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For the tests try to do as many questions as possible, such as using quizlet, Lewis med surg nursing study guide, HESI review on the content that you are studying even before the lecture starts. You still have more tests to take so you can make it up. For the clinical, to ease your anxiety about missing anything, try to have your uniform ready the night before, hung up on a hanger with your badge fastened to it so you will not forget, also have necessary paperwork next to it as well. 

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Welcome to nursing school, it can be soul crushing.  I was an A student with a prior bachelors before nursing school, and was immediately humbled by Bs and Cs.  I can count on one hand the number of exams I got an A on and I never got an A for a final grade for any of my nursing classes.

don't be too hard on yourself, keep grinding.  

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Already an LVN w/ hx of A's? You have to try a different way of studying/retaining the information. RN programs are a different breed. It's no joke and you have to find a different way to approach things. Are you freaking out at test taking in general? Is nursing the only courses you're taking? Hate to tell you but you should have made a much higher score. You need to live, breathe everything nursing during this short program. No excuses. Guard your ID with your life. Relax, particularly before test taking. Only YOU can succeed IF it's something you really want.Best to you.


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Girl, lets take a deep breath for a minute. You've already been a LVN student with straight A's, which tells me you are more than capable of succeeding. Regarding the ID badge-we are all human and can only do so much. I understand how frustrating it can be to feel like you've "messed up." I will never forget when I got sent home from clinical for dozing off during our wrap-up discussion because I was so tired from working my FT job. All of these silly things do not define who we are as nurses!

I was also a LPN prior to getting my RN (accelerated bridge) and changing my studying techniques helped tremendously. Some tips:

  • What is your learning style? Do you learn better with colors and graphics? By listening? Reading/writing? Hands-on? You need to know this when it comes to studying. For instance, if you're a visual learner, it would be helpful to use concept maps and draw out concepts to visualize everything. If you're an auditory learner, you can listen to class recordings (if allowed) or listen to YouTube videos anywhere you can ie in the car, grocery shopping, etc.
  • If you haven't already, make a study plan. If you work, make sure you give yourself enough time to study. Time blocking will help you manage your time. Example: You work 8 hours 3 days a week. If you're too tired to study those days, make time for at least 1 hour to look over things you're struggling with. So, if you have 4 days off, try to block out at least 2-4 hours each day to review content you're being tested on. Don't wait until the night before - you won't retain much cramming.
  • You should also be practicing NCLEX style questions during your study sessions. This will help familiarize you with NCLEX questions and help on your nursing school exams. If you're being tested on heart failure, try to do at least 25 questions each day on heart failure (after you understand the concept).
  • Invest in a whiteboard or brain dump on paper. Let's use heart failure as an example. After reviewing and understanding this concept, write out everything you can think of regarding heart failure I.e. signs/symptoms, labs, nursing interventions, patient education. When you're finished, go back to your notes to see what you missed. Focus on the FATAL symptoms and relevant nursing interventions. Trick: Remember left-sided HF are lung symptoms (Left = Lungs) and right-sided HF is the rest of the body (Right = Rest).
  • Most importantly, stop second guessing yourself. Well, I suppose we all second guess ourselves, but you need to trust your gut instinct. If you decide on an answer, stick with that answer. Don't read it over and over and trick your mind into thinking it might be wrong. Many students end up choosing the wrong answer when changing answers.

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You are capable of anything you put your mind to. Good luck - you got this!

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You can do this! Allot time everyday to study. Use the resources that are available to you - You Tube, textbooks. 

*Group study saved me during school! Make friends with you classmates and start studying together. Even on Zoom.

*Study Guides are key too. Make a condensed version of each chapter exam and go over your weak points the most!


You should see better results if you use these methods ^