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Help with Spring Schedule & UCLA question

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Alright, a little introduction about myself. I'm 19 and i'm currently going to Pasadena City College. I've been there for about 1 1/2 years and by spring, I should be done and can apply for the RN program offering at PCC. My problem is, I have 4 classes left and i'm not sure if I can handle it. I need to take Physio(4), Anatomy(4), Microbio(4), Chem(4). They are all 4 units and that's 16 units!! not to mention their all the big classes. I need 12 units (full time) for financial issues and I'm about to pick my classes in a couple of days. Those are all difficult classes and as for right now, i'm not sure which to take :(!! Maybe I should do Micro and Chem and take 2 classes that are elective classes? Does anyone have any input on this? thanks

UCLA Question: After I graduate from PCC after my RN Program I'm planning to transfer to UCLA to get my B.S. Is there anyone here that has gone through UCLA's program and if so, how was your experience? thanks!


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Be sure to take chemistry before you take physio, and of course anatomy before physio. However, some find that taking anatomy and physio together work better, because you learn the structure and process at the same time, as usually the classes go through the body in the same order. I took micro and physio at the same time while working and got through it, though averaged about 3 hours a sleep that whole semester, but got an A in both classes. My roommate is currently doing the same thing, but quit work to get through them.

Note, most schools won't accept you unless you have the core 4 done.

Good luck~