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Hello! My name is Sasha. I live in San Diego and I am going to graduate community college soon with an associates degree in pre-allied health. I want to transfer to get my Bachelors degree in nursing but when I called one of the universities they said I needed my Regiestered Nurse license before I could get into their program. I know I cannot take the NCLEX with the amount of education on health that I have right now. Then again, taking the NCLEX now doesn't sound right. I need advice on how to further my education to get my Bachelors degree so I can take the NCLEX and pass to become a Regiestered Nurse. I am hoping that you can help me. Thank you so much in advance. Respectfully, Sasha Shamon

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There are prelicensure (generic) BSN degree programs for people who are not nurses. Then there are RN-to-BSN completion programs for licensed RNs who have already earned a nursing diploma or associate degree in nursing, but want the bachelor of science in nursing. If I had to make a guess, you telephoned a school that only offered the RN-to-BSN completion program. Someone like you who has no prior nursing degree would need to enroll in a prelicensure (generic) BSN degree program.