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Help with San Diego questions

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by dlaura22 dlaura22 (Member)

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Hello all,

i know there are many many posts on here but some are old so I thought I'd ask those RNs living and working in SD....

I am graduating in Dec and thinking of making the move to SD. Now I realize that the pay is not the greatest, but the chance to live in beautiful SD might just be work it Anyways, I am curious to ask if it is possible for me to get by. I will probably live alone (looks like i can get a decent place for about $1,000/month) won't have car payments (just insurance), student loan payments, and then just the regular stuff. Just wanted to hear from those of you living and working there. I hope I would be able to pay my bills and have at least some left over to save/have fun with!

Or would I be better of in SF (i know pay is MUCH better but SD is my first choice). Thanks to all in advance!

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You can definitely have a middle class living on the salary you'd be getting in SD. The bay area has to pay you more cause you have to deal w/ the housing prices. I am in the same situation as you. If you want to earn more money you can always work an extra shift once in a while.

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