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I need help understanding how much a home health nurse is payed. I am an ICU nurse with 15 years of experience. I would like to leave bedside nursing because of the long hours away from home. I currently live in North Texas. I would like to have job interviews with an idea of how much my wage range might be. By the way, I did work as a PRN home health nurse 10 years ago. Thanks so much for your help. 

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Depends on what type of home health you are doing. Private duty home health typically pays less. I was being offered $20 an hour as an RN with 10 years experience. I did do skilled home health where I made $36 a visit for approximately 30 minute visits. I would make $62 for an admission and $50 for a discharge/recert. This was about four years ago. I live in Florida. 

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I'm not sure about this. I just started with a homehealth  agency two weeks ago. I've completed 2 SOCs and 2 follow ups, calls and made about $300. And that's with working six days, 12 hours a day on call driving, 300 miles so basically, it pays below what minimum wage is. I don't understand how anyone could make ends meet. The agency I'm with pays 55 for follow up visit and 125 for start of care.

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Home health and PDN will typically pay less that a hospital or facility position. (because medicaid/medicare don't reimburse as much for those positions as they do for a floor nurse).
HH tends to be an hr or two in a Pt's home with lots of driving in-between Pt's. PDN is usually 1 Pt per day, and usually an 8, 10, or 12 hr shift. 

I'd say go into any HH or PDN interview expecting a lower wage - unfortunately that is the reality of health care. Different agencies do pay differently for same or similar positions  (I just had an RN tell me she makes $3.50/hr more at another agency for the same job she does for us). Don't be afraid to ask up front about pay rates, but also ask how long their office/support staff/DON/CMs have been there. Higher pay is nice for the bills, but it may be hiding something internally (if there's a high rate of staff turnover that's a red flag ).


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Some companies, like Amedisys, pay on the point system do depending on what you do (regular visit, admission) you are paid a certain amount no matter how long that visit may take. There is also productivity expectations (so many visits in a week). Like another poster said, you end up making a lot less money this way as the time commitment is huge - especially for OASIS.

Some companies, like Enhabit (which is based in Texas) pay salary but there is still the productivity expectation so if that isn't met for the week then the expectation, at least at the offices in GA) is you will pick up visits on your day off to meet the productivity requirement.

Both these companies pay mileage and a stipend toward your cellphone bill. 

The documentation requirements for HH have changed a lot in the past 10 yrs & not in a good way. I admire nurses who make a career out of HH as I am just not willing to dedicate 12+ hours a day 5 days a week or more to any job. 


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