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Help with Rpn Six Nations Brantford classes

by Olah Olah (New) New Nurse Pre-Student

Hi I just got admission into Six Nations Brantford for September Rpn program.Please anybody that has passed through this route before.

I am excited and scared. Thanks

I just recently finished the program and I have to say that I liked the Six nations program better than what was offered at the iahs. I got to know every single person in my class because there were only about 40 of us to begin with. The teachers are extremely helpful and we always had the same few teachers each semester so they got to know each student as well. We would travel to the iahs for simulation days which weren’t very many. The learning content is the exact same as the iahs so don’t feel like you are missing out. The program itself is intense, you must stay on top of all of your work or you will fall behind. It will go by extremely fast though, especially since you go through the Summer. Good luck and feel free to ask any more questions :)

Thanks so much. I really appreciate this feedback. I am a little bit relaxed now.

Please how is time of the classes like?

The times for each semester changed a bit and they were kind of all over the place. First semester has the most amount of classes and the longest classes. first semester has no clinical days, just classes. Our schedule for first semester was:

Monday (no classes)


class from 8:30-12:30

class from 1-3


class from 8:30-12:30

class from 3-5


(no classes)


this day was spent at the iahs campus because it was anatomy and a computers class, the anatomy class can only be take. At the iahs due to the lab. Classes were:


11:30- 1:00


Wao! 6 hours lecture in a day.

Thanks so much for your prompt response.

Please is there any book you can recommend before the start of the classes.


It seems like a lot but it’s not just lectures, lots of group work! Sometimes guest speakers.
the holy grail book of nursing is the Canadian Fundamentals of nursing. Most of our information is found in that book but keep in mind that not all of the information is relevant to RPN practice. If you struggle with anatomy then I recommend getting a head start on that, a lot of people struggled with that class. Don’t go too in-depth though because our anatomy class just scratches the surface but you will need to know how each body system works so that you can understand pathophysiology and pharmacology in semester 2 and 3.
semester one is just introducing you to nursing, the basic assessments you will do (vital signs, listening to lungs/heart etc) making beds, giving bed baths, and therapeutic communication. I know it seems like a lot but don’t be scared!

Yes I am scared but it is good to know ahead how tough and rough the journey can be. This your response is really helping my mind to prepare. How I wish I can talk to you and discuss.

I have babies so it is good to know how to prepare for them.

Please where can I find the book?

I really need to study ahead because all this courses are new to me. I left school many years back.

I have a lot of questions running in my head though😄

I am so grateful for time and effort taken to reply to my messages.

Thanks so much.

I don’t mind at all, I love to help! The book can be found at the mcmaster health science book store or amzn
It’s great that you are already starting to prepare, you will do great.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please I will like to know how the examinations and tests look like. I am just curious😄

Is there any materials that you think I must have that you can transfer to me please.

At this time what do you think I can do that might help me to have a better grades

Every test is multiple choice so make sure you are good with that. The tricky part about nursing questions are that there is more than one right answer but you have to choose the most correct. Pay close attention to the wording of questions.
To help get better grades you need to keep up with the weekly content and find an effective way to study. If you need to write things down or draw pictures, mind maps, do that. Make sure you know if you are a visual, kinesthetic, auditory or mixed learner. The more you know about how you understand and learn the content, the better you will do. Make friends right away and form a study group, they will help you a lot. Some of my classmates would split the course work up so that it lightened the workload.
the nursing stuff in first semester isn’t that hard to grasp as they do a really good job of explaining everything. The only thing I would say to really focus on is the anatomy as I previously mentioned because that will help tremendously.

the last thing I would say to start looking at now if you really want to be ahead are all of the CNO documents, you need to know them. You can find them on the CNO website. Examples are (RHPA, professional standards, nursing act, rpn entry to practice competencies and many more).

Wao! Thanks so much for this detailed response, am so grateful.

Please I will contact you if I have any other questions.


Please is it OK by you if I send my contact to you

No problem! Yeah sure!

Oh thanks.

Just saw your reply today.

My number 6479667400 can you please chat me up.