Help RN move to Durham/CH/Raleigh

U.S.A. North Carolina


Hello Everyone. My husband and I will be moving to the Triangle area for my husbands job; he just got hired at UNC Hospital. My question is about whether the three big hospitals (UNC, Duke, or Wake) will hire someone who graduated from a non-NLN accredited school.

My ADN school where I graduated from lost its accreditation because it failed to turned paperwork in a timely manner that documented that they had a certain ratio of clinical preceptors with masters degrees. The school lost the accreditation the Fall I was supposed to graduate.

I have been working as a RN in a long-term/transitional care facility for a year in Vermont. I was able to get into a RN-BSN program through Washington State University that is CCNE accredited through distance learning. I am scheduled to complete the degree Fall 2011. It is my dream to work in hospital in critical care nursing speciality.

UNC Hospitals says that they require applicants to have graduated from a state accredited school. I don't know if that has changed since UNC became a Magnate hospital.

Duke and WakeMed do not look like they hire nurses from non-NLN schools.

Another hospital I was looking at was North Carolina Speciality Hospital in Durham.

I have thought of the possibility of doing travel nursing at one of those hospitals so I can get more experience and my foot in the door. By the time I graduate in December, my degree will be a non-issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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