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hello . . .

I finished my BSN degree in the Philippines took the november 2008 exam but i failed it. Now im here in new jersey for almost two years and never practice my career. I have applied for the nclex in New York. I have been studying the Fuer Nursing Review and Im getting frustrated because I forgot some things i have studied in nursing school. Can you guys help me with my reviewing? like tips for studying and stuff.....


If you are not happy with the Fuer Review, you might want to consider the Kaplan or Hurst reviews, if you can afford another online or in person review. Otherwise, you will have to make do with studying review books on your own. Many people are successful using Saunders Comprehensive Review and the Linda LaCharity book on prioritization.

i graduated from philippines too.:redbeathe

i dont know when to take my exam yet but im planning not to wait till next year..

saunders for the content

laCharity for prioritization

kaplan book for strategies

and PRAY for your wish to be heard(this is what i do before i go to sleep:))

im working on my kaplan question trainer now and ncsbn..waahh!! im praying for the best..if i dont pass it the first time here i might just go back to ph for a month or two to take a review class for a cheaper price...

oh by the way when are you taking it?

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