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Following a 5 year break from CM (W/C anf Life care planning), I have recently decided to return to work. Every single resume/application I have submitted has been a one wants me or wants to talk @ my qualifications! Granted, I allowed my CCM to expire but plan to take a CM refresher and retest. In the meantime, I need some low cost ideas on how to make myself more desirable to those screening CM resumes...I am SO upset, discouraged. I know it is a tough job market, but I have good references and over 10 years of CM and LCPing experience. HELP!

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Hi. Have you been out of work all together or just out of Nursing?

If you have been out of work, then you may want to revamp your old resume. A good place to start is your local library's career section. Afterwards look to employed nursing friends to review your changes.

As for allowing your CCM to expire, do not worry! There are plenty of RN CM jobs that prefer rather than require it at this time. In fact, many will hire RNs without any CM experience, so I doubt you will not be of interest to most.

After your resume is in better shape:

1.) Go through a recruiting agency. I know many CMs who work both FT and PT working through agencies. In fact, I get at least 1 email a week and 1 phone call at work a month from recruiters and I am not advertising an interest in jumping ship at this time, so the demand for you exists!

2.) If you cannot find a job using step 1. then try this: Try going through your current friends and former employers. Let them know of your interest in finding a job. Outside of your current circle try joining a networking website, local nursing organizations, local social organizations/professional organizations, and volunteering to make new friends and connections.

Good Luck!


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After sending out another round of resumes/applications, I got a job offer as a medical reviewer for Medicare on Friday! I was not working, by choice, for 3 years and half-heartedly looking until a year ago.It has taken a solid year of job searching to get an offer. And I did get my job through Kelly Healthcare, so your advice was great and maybe will help others in the same boat as I was in. Thx for the feedback!


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Congrats and thanks.:up: