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Help with a resume,just passed my boards

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Hello my professional colleagues,I want to say that this site helped me with the various advice,test taking strategies and links to websites that were very helpful.I took my boards before and failed twice.It was so heartbreaking,demoralizing and discouraging.I thought I knew the content so well and was prepared.After reading numerous posts about people who failed and got more determined to pass.I was encouraged and I put in so much effort and studied twice harder than what I studied.I was doing a lot more on practice questions and understanding the rationale for both wrong and right answers.I also put my faith in God,trusted in my self that I can do this.To God be the glory,He answered my prayers and gave me an early birthday gift/mother`s day gift.My birthday is on the first week of May.I am so blessed.He is indeed a dependable God.Please trust Him as you play your own part.

I finally took the exam two days ago and I passed .I want to encourage anyone who has taken the test before and perhaps failed,never to give up.I will be starting my BSN program on May 10th.I really need help on a very good resume site.I will be very grateful for this.And once more to all you beautiful nurses out there who are relentless on providing help,encouragement to their fellow nurses.I want to say a very big thank you.You really inspire.As the nurses week approaches ,I want to say Happy Nurses Week.

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If you do an internet search for "new grad nursing resume", several school sites with examples will pop up. Additionally, Monster and Indeed have general tips for resume writing. You can also check with your school- it may offer graduates access to various assistance with finding jobs. Mine offered interviewing workshops, resume workshops, and resume reviews all free of charge.

Here's one school's example

A resource packet from the Arizona Nurses Association

Thank you very much. I will go to the school site and see the various tools they offer.