Help with requesting base pay?

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Hello all, hoping someone might be able to help with questions about pay.

Moving to NY from CO. I have 1.5 years of experience as a PEDS home health RN (trached/vented kiddo, kiddo with seizure disorder, another adult trached pt). Have my bachelor's and about 5 years in healthcare (CNA before RN). Hoping to get into a hospital PEDS position but I know there aren't too many in upstate NY (Poughkeepsie, Middletown, Goshen, Newburgh, etc) so I'm willing to keep on in home health or doctors offices, etc (which I know will make pay vary).

Just recently discovered that here in CO I'm being completely screwed over in my base pay- brand new RNs who don't necessarily have much experience in healthcare who only have their associates degree are getting paid more than I am as someone who's been with the company a year and a half, completed their new grad program, and has a bachelor's. Rawr.

So please and thank you for advice on what I should be adding pay wise in my move to NY.

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