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I am due to give a "management presentation" to my class mates on Thursday. The topic I was give is: childbearing and challenged pregnancy.

I am not clear on the topic and my teacher sent me the following message when I asked for clarification: "include unexpected C/S, difficult labor, the mother who has had previous sexual abuse in labor, pregnancy after fetal loss and admission of infant to the NICU, illness of mom and infant. Affects will include anxiety, depression, PTSD, and difficulty managing vaginal exams and labor. It should include adjustment theory of pregnancy found in your textbook. There is a lot of info to be found on this topic and I am guessing testimonials on line."

Anyone have any links on where I can get concrete information? My textbook has not been helpful. This seems like a very broad topic to me and I'm having a hard time organizing any kind of presentation.


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I would look at it from the nurses point of view. If you were working in a facility and saw an at-risk patient what would be your plan of care? What would you educate the patient about? When would you involve other disciplines (MD, Social Worker, etc.)? What outcomes do you expect?

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I would think abuse with pregnancy is pretty clear. Many women who are abused especially sexually will have all kinds of issues with the intimacy of the exams in pregnancy. I would look up topics that have to do with rape, molestation, physical abuse and what these women endure. I would research PTSD in women and see what it is about. You have lots of ways to go with this. Think about what your patient would need such as emotional needs. Think about if they had a male physician and how you would handle that if the patient had an issue. I would mainly look at your role in these situations.

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Wow! That's a very in-depth presentation for a (1 hour?) presentation. I'm not an OB person, so I can't add much value to the presentation content... just wanted to let you know that this is definitely a 'valuable learning': Always try to pare down the scope of your presentation to something that can actually be addressed within the established parameters. Nursing students should not try to solve world hunger or cure Ebola.