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Help! Relocating from WI to FL

by hhengt hhengt (New) New

Hi all,

I am moving from WI to FL and need advice on where to find a job and where not to:) I have been an RN since 2005 and have worked for the same hospital since graduating high school. I am very new obviously to finding a new job, job searching, interviews, etc and am very nervous. I'm araid I will get stuck at a place or in a position I don't like and since I'll be the "new girl from WI" I am worried I will have a hard time getting the right job.

Just wondered if there was some general info anyone had or experiences with nursing in FLorida either bad or good that they would like to share to help another nurse out. Any websites I can go to that will give nurses opinions of different employers??

Thanks for your time


It honestly depends in where in Florida you are heading too. Could you give us a bit of a general location?