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Help with Refresher for Biology to prepare for Physiology


Hey all!

I will be re-entering my LPN program this summer - and my next class is Physiology. I took Anatomy 3 years ago and barely passed with a C by the skin of my teeth. Needless to say - I remember next to nothing from the class.

For those of you who took Physiology - any suggestions on what I should study up on to start the class semi-prepared? I bought Anatomy & Physiology "Demystified" books... which areas should I put my main focus on before classes start in Summer? Just don't want to fall behind at the beginning of class since it has been so long in between the two classes :-( Biology is almost like a foriegn language to me.


Hi Icor--

I don't have any GREAT wisdom, but I saw that your question was up there for a while and nobody had responded yet, so I thought I'd throw out a few suggestions. Hope they help :nuke:

1. Find out what book they'll be using for the course. Get it now and start perusing. (Of course you won't have time to read and retain every chapter b/f the semester starts, but you could go over the words in bold print, tables, boxes, figures, etc.)

2. If you have already registered for the course visit the school and find out who the teacher will be for your section. (If you haven't already registered, go into the bio dept office and see if you can find out who regularly teaches this course and if they will be teaching it again.) Then go to that teacher's office and ask them if you can have a copy of the syllabus for the semester so you can get a head start. If they say "no" or "it's not ready yet" ask them if they have a copy of the syllabus from last semester. Studying the syllabus can give you a good idea of what chapters they will focus on in the upcoming semester and that can allow you to focus your reading in the textbook. Be sure to do this b/f spring semester ends so you can catch the teacher at school.

3. Also ask the teacher if there are any supplemental/recommended books for this course (this info might also be on the syllabus). Also, this is a good person to ask what additional books they might recommend to help you refresh yourself.

Hope some of this info helps. Remember, don't be afraid to go to the source (the teacher) to find out what you need to do to be ready for this course. They might appreciate your enthusiasm, and even if they don't, the worst they could say is "no", right?

But I've gone to talk to a couple of teachers b/f semesters started and even though they were all busy in their offices with their current classes I have never run into one that was not willing to give me a little helpful advice/info.:typing

Thank you! I was wondering if anyone was out there! :chuckle Those are awesome suggestions! I am going to try to talk to the teacher and get the syllabus. I agree thats the best way to make sure I am studying the right info! You're the best!

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try this website to review principles of biology:

there are weblinks to anatomy/physiology help sites on or about post #45 of this sticky thread:

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