Help! Re-entering the field after 10yr sober and finally re-licensed


In short,

Voluntary surrender after several diversion cases. Got sober 10/18/11.  Got a BASS in Behavioral Sciences, then a MS in Addiction Counseling, wasn't satisfied but followed through as I felt it would help with chances for re-instatement and worked as an Substance Abuse Counselor until it was time for my refresher.  Got an attorney, got an agreed order, and only have my 80 clinical hours for my refresher to do and am scheduled to do so this month.  Then im fully re-licensed with stipulations.

I need help with building my resume, summary, etc and all that jazz.  I have stipulations...all supervision first year, indirect second, no OT, critical care, or night shift for first year, weekly randoms for first 3 months tapering off in regularity for 2 years, cant give narcs for first year, must make employer aware of my stips, etc.

How do I build my resume considering these things? 10 years ago was my last nursing job and I have a solid 8 years in ER, Psych, ICU, Tele, Med/surg.  Also a EMTP back then for 4 years but never renewed it. Then about 4 years of non-medical jobs, then went back to school, then into behavioral health as a tech, and finally into Substance abuse counseling leading to now.

How do I talk to my perspective job about my stipulations and if they can accommodate me.  I don't want to waste their time or mine.  I don't want for it to be going well but then it be an awkward O BY THE WAY deal if you know what I mean.

Any help or advice is appreciated.