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My cousin is in the hospital with a very rapidly progressing/ascending numbness. 29 year old female, mother of two, presented with numbness and paresthesia in her feet and legs, fatigue, and neck pain. The doctors admitted her for Acute Transverse Myelitis. The numbness quickly ascended and the pain was not far behind. She was on morphine to no avail, switched to toradol which still wasn't helping, and is now on oxycodone. Within five days the numbness has reached her chest and the occipital region of her head. She can barely walk, complains of pain in the left-center of her chest, and is severely fatigued. The doctors have diagnosed MS, after finding legions in the white matter of her brain. They did an LP for Guillain-Barre, which came back negative. Last week she was up and walking. The PT tried a cane, followed by crutches, and is now using a walker to help her walk. She can barely type on her phone, and when she does its exhausting. Can MS really progress to full-body numbness in under a week??? ANY ideas about what could be causing this to spread so quickly???

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Per TOS, no medical advice can be given here and these questions should be directed to your cousin's medical team. I am very sorry about what is happening to your family member and hope they can figure out what it going on.

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As mentioned we can not assist. Please speak to sister's PCP (with her permission)

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