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Hello everyone,

Hopefully you can help me. I am currently working on my MSN in nursing education (first semester) and I have to pick a scholarly proposal and project to work on throughout this degree progression. I need a good topic and for the life of me cannot think of anything. Do any of you have any ideas? It must be focused on some portion of nursing education.

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Step 1 : Ask yourself: Why are you interested in nursing education? What interests you about nursing education? Why did you choose that specialty? What type of work do you want to do with that MSN? That is one place to start to brainstorm a list of possible topics.

Step 2: Another good way to find a topic is: What are the current "big issues" in nursing education? Browse some of the major nursing education journals and find out what the major issues and concerns are facing that specialty right now.

Step 3: Combine the 2 approaches above ... BINGO! ... you have a list of "hot topics that are of interest to you."

Step 4: Narrow down the list that you ended up with in Step 3 and do some focused literature searching on 2 or 3 of your top choices. Find out what kind of knowledge foundation is already available on those topics.

Step 5: Review the requirements for your projects carefully. Given what you learned in Step 4, which topic seems to be the most feasible, given your time limitations, available resources, etc.?

Pick the topic that "wins" the process described about.

Good luck!


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