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Help with a preceptor

by redsnapper19 redsnapper19 (New) New Nurse Student

Specializes in acute rehab. Has 8 years experience.

HI guys, I'm located in Houston.  I'm in an adult gerontology primary care nurse practitioner program and hopefully will be graduating in Fall 2021.  I'm in need of finding a preceptor for my clinical rotations next semester.  My school has provided some sites to contact.  What is the best way to speak with them over the phone to ask if I could attend?

barcode120x, ADN, BSN, RN

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Best way to impress is in person. What I did for my first preceptor, I called the office and quickly introduced myself to the receptionist and asked her what the best time would be to come in person to talk to the office manager/doctor about precepting. She gave me a time, came in a bit early, did my quick intro with resume in hand. Many of my other classmates had similar successes doing in person while I know one specific classmates did emails and calls but not much luck initially.

With the covid, you may find it to be a lot harder to get a clinic. Because many clinics are doing telemedicine and spreading out their appointments, I still say it's best to call the office for a time you can come in and/or IF they are even taking students.