Help with Pre reqs!!!


Hello, had anyone took their pre reqs at National University in San Diego? Please help. I am not sure that I am getting the correct information from the Advisor. Many people have told me they took their pre reqs there in about a year or so with financial aid. My advisor is telling me that i can't do that, states I have to enroll in the AA of Science which will take 2 years because it includes classes that i don't even need. Is this correct?


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I assume you are a first time college student, right? Also, if you want to go BSN route, maybe that is why your advisor told you to enroll in AS to get liberal arts and sciences core before you could apply to the nursing core classes.


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Hello, thanks for the reply. Yes first time . I'm hesitant about this school because my friend is also a first time college student just like I am but her Advisor told her the complete opposite of what mine told me. Her Advisor said she is able to enroll for only the pre reqs and qualifies for Financial Aid . Not sure who I should speak to regarding the different information that I was given . TIA