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help!! pre-req grades


Hello Everyone,

I am currently taking human physiology at a community college.I also have my LVN license. I am extremely stressed out because the drop date with a "W" is today. I have a B- in the course. I don't know if I should stick with my B or drop with a "W" and retake it next semester to get an A. I am pretty positive I can get an A if i retake it. I am planning on applying to Cal State and UC's like UCLA in California. I don't know which one would make me more competitive. Any input would help alot thanks in advance!


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Don't drop it!!! If you are sure you're going to get a B- keep it and still retake it if you think your chances will be better with an A. Most schools look at an average of all your sciences and usually use the better grade in the average if you've taken a course more than once. W's don't look good on your transcript. If you get a B and then retake to get an A, an admission committee may take into account that you worked hard for both grades, whereas, a W could imply that you were failing the first time you attempted the course. I am starting clinicals in a community college RN program in January but have a BS in public health. Overall admission committees take into account all your grades even W's and a B- trumps a W.

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No do not drop the course, many nursing schools take Withdrawls into consideration and also like the person above said, if you were to end up with a B, yuou could always retake it and or just work harder and turn that B into an A. Even if you did end up with an B, that is still considered good.

It depends how many W's you currently have, but I would not drop it just because you have a B