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hello people!... im enrolled in a professional class right now.. and im assigned to deliver reports about different nursing issues. Im stressed searching topics.. can somebody help me?.. pls.. thanks alot..

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Just thinking off-hand, the following four topics tend to stimulate a lot of discussion:

1) The push by some to require a BSN for entry-level practice

2) Requiring the DNP for Advanced Practice Nurses

3) Universal Healthcare

4) Magnet Nursing Status


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The ones that come up most often at the University where I work include:

  1. The recession and its affect on the nursing shortage (how it will be worse when the economy improves and all the nurses who returned to work will go back to retirement or other positions);
  2. The effect of the plans for universal health care and the position of nurses in a new "health care" role; and
  3. The use of advanced practice nurses to replace primary care providers.

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Some additional topics include horizontal violence - an issue addressed in the latest JCAHO standards and the use of unlicensed personnel performing traditional nursing duties. Hope that helps.

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