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Help Please

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i lived in california. and i want to become RN. so can you please plese suggest me ADN online degree that accepts california state. and i also like to take pre-requiest courses online so please help me with this. i don't know where to get help. so i really apricate. PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME.



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I wish I had some good news for you. I'd check with your state first but you may be able to do some pre-reqs online. A few states besides CA are starting to become more strict regarding nursing schools and clinicals requirements. The best you can hope for is to take some by online, some by way of CLEP and well you may just have to do what your state requires. I personally enjoyed my clinical rotations and it gave me wonderful stories and experiences to draw from. I did 3 semesters at the local technical college and switched to Excelsior when my son started having problems.

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jan, u have to take the classes or else u'll miss the experience of meeting the ones u will eventually graduate with. and plus, i took pharm online and i hated it. other classes were fine to take online but nursing is hands on... good luck, jan.

thank you very much for your helps guys. i preciates.

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