help please(does getting a lien affect obtaining a lvn license)

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..ok so i just completed first half of my lvn program..10 months to go..back in 2008 I was in a car accident, was taken by ambulance to arrowhead hospital..even though I told them I had insuranceand that i was covered with san antonio hospital.(which was only five minutes away from accident) they still took me to arrowhead..I submitted my insurance information when I received a bill for over 4g's..was told they would get back to me...received a letter stating services were not covered and I MUST pay the bill..I am a paycheck to paycheck kinda girl and there was no way I could pay this..i still tried to fight it to no avail..4 yrs later I get a lawsuit..I called the county collection office explaining that altough I feel it is not right I pay this I will make some arrangements with them..they agreed and payments were set up..well yesterday I receive a notice that a property lien was issued against me..I do not understand all this I explained how i have been making payments..the girl explained to me that the lien is a standard procedure...and that as long as I keep my payment arrangements all will be fine...I am just worried that after all my hard work and sacrifice I will not be able to get my license next yr (god willing I pass the program and nclex lol) any advice??? I am soo upset about all this I feelso sick :(

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Actually someone in one of my info sessions a few months ago asked this vary same question and our teacher said no. A lien (while not good) it is not a felony or a misdemeanor. You can always call the lic. board and ask them but like I said, from what our teacher said...the answer is no.

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