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Help Pharmacology is taking me down

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Hello everyone, Im new to this site, this my first post

I promise to give a better introduction of myself later. I'm in my second of school and this Pharm is kicking my butt, I not failing yet but if things keep going on the way the have I will be. With that all be said, I looking for tip on how to study these drugs

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You should put them in groups and then subgroups to aid you in remembering side effects and drug action. "Pain Medications" -> "COX-2 Inhibitors"

Kind of like that. It might help you...

There are many threads on this topic that you might find of assistance. Pharm is tough, but, you can get through it with the right tools and approach.

First, I agree with the PP, you should try to study medication classes rather than individual meds. It makes studying so much easier and is very helpful on exams.

Also, try to familiarize yourself with the different suffixes of the classes of medications. ex) the suffix -lol is usually indicative of a beta blocker and the suffix -prazole is usually indicative of a proton pump inhibitor

Here are a few threads that you might find of assistance:



Good Luck.

I got a 88 on my pharm test YAY!!!!

I want thank you guys for the tips, I was really getting concerned about my over all average in this class. I can't afford any repeats.