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Help with pharmacology


Need suggestion on studying this subject. I use the Pharmacoloby an introduction 5th, for LVN's. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I just finished that. Blah, nothing I know of but to memorize. I know that is not a good way to learn, but geez so many differents meds. Now our instructors told us to remember them by class but that didn't work for me either!

Flash cards work well. I also bought the book "Pharmacology made incredibly easy"... and found it to be very helpful

When you first wade into medications, it seems that there will be millions of unrelated facts that you will have to remember. As you move along (and certainly when you put that knowledge into practice), the facts become clearer and more relevent to each other. The classes will makes sense.

There are far fewer drugs in common usage than you'd think. As time passes and new things become available, everyone needs to learn about them. We always have at least one handbook on the cart and everyone uses them.

And we all use each other:)

Also, if you have a chance, nose through the med cart, med room, dr's orders. Shift count narcotics every chance you get. Familiarize yourself with names and colours and shapes. It all helps with memory retrieval cues.

It is scary because it's such a huge area but it's also fascinating.


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Well, we were required to make flashcards of certain meds. There was a list of about 60, and on those cards we had to list: Trade Name, Generic Name, usual dosage, route, action in the body, what it's used for, nursing implications, and family education. I would ask your teacher what she specifically wants you to know about the drugs (i.e. any of that stuff up there) and write it down and make cards.

Other than that? Read your book with highlighter in hand; the book usually tells you key stuff about the drugs and if your teacher lectures from the book it'll help. I had a different book, but she also had us buy the Mosby's drug guide for nurses or something like that, it might have been Lipencott. (Little fat book which has so much stuff your eyes'll cross, but is good for some stuff).

Hope it helps, I loved pharm...HATED dosage. :angryfire

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