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Help...NY BS to BSN Programs and Advice

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Hi everyone! I am doing my best to get into an accelaerated Nursing program ASAP. I have 5 classes left for my Bachelor's and unfortunately I found out after going back to complete my degree that they add on two classes, one of which is a pre-req making it impossible to finish it this Fall. I begged, pleaded, everything but they won't allow me to take it. I am trying to be positive and take some Nursing pre-reqs this Fall and Spring so I will be ahead of the game. I am going to continue applying to schools and try to get accepted for Spring. I know that I will have to finish pre-reqs before I begin the actually program. So here are my questions. Do you know if any schools in NY accept Sciences obtained online? My college offers Microbiology online. Also for my current degree, which is Psychology, I only had to take Anatomy and Phys. (4credit). There is no A & P1 or 2 there. I think it may be a general class for both. Has anyone dealt with this? Any suggestions on what to do at this point as far applying or what to take to be ahead of the game?

Does anyone know anything about Molloy? I just applied there and really hoping that I get in.

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