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Help with Nursing Pins


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Hello fellow New Yorkers and visitors to this thread. I recently became VP of our Senior Planning Committee and we are working on plans for our pinning ceremony. Can anyone tell me where did you get your nursing pins from? The ones the school USU. has does not have their name on it and we are looking into different styles and craftmanship that can include our school's name. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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My school got thiers from JH Recognition company. I am in western NY (Buffalo) and we have a design for our school with the name on it. Don't know exactly how the school got the pin design but here is the web address http://www.jhrecognition.com

Good Luck!

memphispanda, RN

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Our pins are from Balfour (the same people that do class rings and such). I guess if you give them an idea, or a logo picture or something they can come up with a design.

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