HELP! New Grad Needs advice to stand out!


Hello everyone! I recently graduated and I also passed my NCLEX. I applied to about 3 positions in NYC during my last year of nursing school, but I really dislike the fact that I spend most of my time applying only to find out that a position was given to someone else. Therefore, I am looking to see what else I can add to my resume as a New Grad to stand out in my future applications. I want to add what I am currently planning to do in order to obtain a position and improve my resume:

1. I am looking towards obtaining a Disaster Preparedness certification.

2. I am also looking toward volunteer opportunities I can do as a New Grad RN

(I am applying to NYC MRC)

3. I am studying for my driver's permit to get my driver's license really soon because I might need to go out of state to obtain a job position

4. Updating my profile in Linked In.

5. I made an appointment with a career advisor in my university to practice my interviewing skills, and resume skills.

6. Researching any career fairs that will be held this year

I would like to hear your opinions on whether you believe my plan above is a good idea.

I also want to hear from all of you to know what certifications should I DEFINITELY obtain and what volunteer position should I DEFINITELY apply for. I also would like any other tips or advice or any other website you believe I should post my resume in. Also , should I apply to ANA or any other nursing chapter in order to find a job opportunity?

I am currently googling every single keyword I can think of to find something, anything!

Keep in mind I am giving my 100% on finding any opportunities available. However, I would love to hear from anyone that can give me further assistance.

Please and thank you