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hi, im a freshman in college thinking about transferring to a local school this semester & taking general chem & bio so that i can apply to a nursing program for next fall.(the admissions office said if i take them & am accepted to the program i will probably be able to start as a sophomore next year). but im really really nervous because i took inorganic chem this semester but i was really overwhelmed so i ended up dropping the class so im scared i will do bad!also, im afraid what if i take this risk and transfer and then i dont get accepted to the school i want because its slightly competitive. i had a 3.49 gpa first semester and first honors all through high school.i tried to get into the pre-reqs in the school i go to now but i was last to register and wasnt able to. (im not very happy here anyway) if i have to work a lot harder at math&science then other classes do you think i should reconsider being a nurse? thanks very much :)

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Science and math classes do not come easily for me. I am a nursing student, but I previously graduated from another program (for psych) a few years back. I took Anatomy & Physiology at my first college and it was ROUGH! I never had to actually study hard in high school science. I ended up getting a 'D,' at that college.

However, I knew that I needed a 'C' or better to get into any nursing program. Upon graduation from my first college, I decided to take anatomy and physiology at my community college. At that time, they had it as Anatomy (one semester) and Physiology (the next semester.) I liked that set up better than Anatomy & Physiolgy I and II, even though they have since changed to that. It also helped that I was ONLY taking this one science class. If you can do so, you might consider taking science courses during the summer so you only concentrate on that. If the credits will transfer, try taking them at community college. My A&P class was too large at my other school. The teachers were better at community college (at least the ones I had.) (I ended up getting an 'A' in Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology)

Feeling nervous/overwhelmed will ultimately get the best of you. That used to prevent me from even trying - out of pure fear. Immerse yourself in it. I used to have to read most chapters 2-3 times for it to start to come together. I became a fan of note cards (even though I never had to use them until college science classes.) Study them every night and while you have some time before class, etc. Have someone quiz you. As long as you do the very best you can, I am sure you will do just fine. You can make studying fun by personalizing it and finding what works best for you.


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thanks that helps a lot!!