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Help - needlestick advice needed

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I am a relatively new LPN in Ohio and recently received a needlestick -- I had given the resident (nursing home facility) an insulin injection and while engaging the safety sheath, the resident bumped my arm causing me to drop the needle. I immediately washed the area well and then cleansed with alcohol, then I reported the incident to my supervisor - I was told that since it was a Friday evening, I should go to the clinic on Monday to have my blood drawn, which I did.

The problem comes in that now the resident is refusing to allow their blood to be taken for testing!! I'm wondering if in the state of Ohio if this is legal? I feel like the management of my facility is just acting as if this is no big deal and sweeping not only my health and welfare aside but that of my family........any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!!!

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I've had a needle stick too. In Washington state the patient can decline to be tested. At that point, it is your decision on what to do. Does the pt have a hx of IV drug abuse?Hepatits?HIV? If so, obviously you would just go on anti-retrovirals. If not, you still have the right to protect yourself if you want to go on anti-retrovirals. It's usually not suggested though unless the pt is moderate to high risk, because of the nasty side effects... but of course it's your life and your choice.

You do want to be sure no matter what that you get rechecked. My facility policy was to recheck me at 4 months, 6 months, and 1 yr. Fortuanatly my pt was very low risk already, and she agreed to the blood test, so I chose not to do anti-retrovirals, but again.. I could have if I wanted to.

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It does depend on your state law. In my state, if I get a needlestick I can force the patient to have a HIV test (and I think also Hepatitis testing, I'm not sure). Likewise, if the patient gets an exposure from me, such as from biting me, the patient can force me to get tested. Best of luck with everything.